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Rwanda Safaris
Rwanda Africa! The country of a thousand hills is occupied with luxuriant flora and thick rain forests. The nation is renowned for its mountain gorilla safari which occupies par de volcanoes offering fantastic gorilla tracking chances for those on safari to Rwanda – this is the Rwanda you wish to go through. Experience the beauty and adventure of a secretive meeting with wild mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, buffalo and leopards…A prize disclosing Africa`s livest new Eco-tourism destination  With gorilla safaris covered, you will also find cultural tourism very interesting here.

Parc De Volcanoes

Located in the northern part of Rwanda, The gorilla park,   gorilla tracking Parc National Des Volcans has loomed at almost 15,000 feet, and is all but covered up with ample, green rainforest. Located in the far northwest of Rwanda the most famous amongst these is the “the Virunga’s”, where the mountain gorillas live, Gorilla tour.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Important destination for birdwatching, over 228 forest bird species have been recorded here. Interesting activities include the forest walks, Chimpanzee trekking on the Uwinka trail during the rainy season, and monkey species. There are various trails within this forest, namely, Uwinka and the coloured trail, The Waterfall Trail, Gisakura Tea Estate, Kamiranzovu and Bigugu trail.

Akagera National Park

Named after the river which breaks away by its eastern edge, Akagera National Park is Rwanda’s solution to the famous savannah reserves of Kenya, Tanzania and the comparable.  In contrast to the remainder of the country, the area is comparatively warm and lowland, and its rolling plains hold up a cover of dense, broad-leaved woodland interlarded with fainter acacia woodland and patches of rolling grassland decorated evocatively with stands of the superficially cactus-like Euphorbia candelabra bush.

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Combine Gorillas & Wildlife Tours

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Rwanda Safaris are the most breathtaking events that can happen in one’s life and it is an untouchable wildlife treasure. The mountain gorillas move so freely in the jungle and to behold this beauty is just awe-inspiring. One of the important features of Rwanda Safaris is the gorillas that you have got to check. One must also check the old volatile volcano spots that can be one of the most inspiring places to go as the beauty of nature is unravelled in that place right there. Rwanda is a new addition to the African Safari circuit and ever since it has been one of the most pumping ones. Rwanda is one of the most captivating places to visit right from people and their lifestyle almost fascinates the eyes. Rwanda safaris may also combine with Uganda Safaris. There are short tours that take about 3 days to tour and are one of the best places to be.